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Automatic invoice data extraction - uInvoice

Automate invoice receivable entry

The preparation of invoices is largely fully digitized. This means that users prepare invoices with computer programs and print it out on paper or a file. The vast majority of printouts is a file in pdf format. In addition to the pdf printout of the invoice, the user can also export the invoice to an xml formatted file and forward it to the recipient.

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The XML file makes it easy to import data into the recipient’s computer system. By importing data, the time-consuming work of manually entering an invoice is eliminated. At the same time, the recipient avoids the possibility of data entry errors. The preparation of xml files also requires a certain investment on the part of the sender, so not all companies have implemented the preparation of data in this form. In addition, there is a problem with many xml file format standards. Each country uses slightly different formats, which make it difficult to exchange documents electronically. This problem is particularly evident in the operations of international companies, as technical adaptation to individual local markets is sometimes unaffordable.

invoice data extracted from pdf

Convert invoice pdf into xml

The uInvoice application solves the problem of converting invoices received mainly in digital pdf format into a format suitable for import into the recipient’s computer system. In short, the program converts a pdf file to an xml file suitable for import into the program for received invoices. The pdf file can be digitally prepared (printed in pdf) or scanned. The use of the program is especially suitable for supplier invoices that are repeated several times, as it needs to be set for an individual supplier.

The application will be in the test phase shortly. In the test phase (beta), use will be free for users who sign up. Sign up as soon as possible!

Link to the application is

invoice converted to xml

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uinvoice works also on mobile


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